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fanart: Eito basecamp

One peaceful day on eito basecamp...

This picture is the complete version of my previous fanarts..
Took forever to finish it.. about.. one year from I start to sketch it hahaha..
They still wear old costume, different one from the movie.. ^^
eitocamp11 copy

fanart: Orange & Nasu ranger

End of the year is coming.. whoaa.. Time does fly!!
Another fanart: Orange and Nasu.. 

I'm very lazy nowadays.. It took forever to finish this image.. though it haven't really finished yet ;)



fanart: black, green, and yellow ranger

been super busy from last end of the year.. phiew..
but procrastination is always feel good to do  :D

Black, Green, and Yellow ranger's leisure time on a lazy day where's the city is on peaceful condition. There's no big bad boy who asks for neighbour kid's ice cream, no frightened kitten at the tree to help, and no old grandma to help crossing the street. Hope our planet will always be peaceful too  :D
Have a good day ♪

..so i'm in bored mode

Today apparently I have about 1 hrs to wait my rendering job finished.. and my PC is soooo slow when I use it for rendering my job..
and when 1 image has finished I have to wait for about same time to finished my 2nd image..
^^ so i have time to do this paper craft for killing time..


"may I join you playing with that 7 color marker pleasee?"

ahaha.. at 1st picture I didn't realize some color marker is hidden by other marker..
so I take another shoot..
(phieww.. that markers is sooo naughty, they can't stand still. Whenever I move a marker, the others marker start to rolling or falling from its position blocking the others..)


fanart: ryo's mitehende dance

eito's new ads is addictive!
XD I can't stop push replay button just to see each member's face expression..
but i found ryo's serious face is the most hilarious.. XD

so.. if anyone want to join to dance together DON'T HESITATE!
follow this dance step below..
and singing along..
move your body, people!
have a healthy body!!

(click image to see larger pic)

fanart: red and blue ranger

Though it's a little bit late ( at last I had spare time to finish this cicchai combi ), HAPPY BIRTHDAY yasuba :D :D
BIG UP red ranger, blue ranger!!

midnight picnic

i want holidaaayyyyy >_<


365 nichi kazoku lyrics

365日家族 - 関ジャニ∞

おはよう おやすみ
そんな挨拶 を
目玉 焼きに笑顔まだ元通り
ohayou oyasumi
sonna aisatsu wo
kurikaeshi kawasu mai nichi
yonaka no kenka mo asa ni wa
medama yaki ni egao mada moto doori
good morning good night
that kind of greeting is  exchanged repeatedly everyday
midnight fighting at the morning
will become smiling sunny side up egg as before

heya no katasumi ni nugi shuuteta kutsushita
nanbyakkai chuui sareta no
nigawarai shi nagara
omoi dashita no wa
ano hi bi
ienakatta kotoba
get rid the shock at the corner of the room
how many times (I was) scolded
(and had) a bitter smile while remember  that day unspoken word

例えば (小さな ハグをして)
例えば ( I LOVE YOU って伝えて)
いつでも映画 みたいに
( chiisa na hagu o shite)
tatoeba (I LOVE YOU tte tsutaete )
itsudemo eiga mitai ni
bokura wa kiyou ni narenai keredo
for example
(little hug is shared)
for example (I LOVE YOU word is said)
forever, we could never do it like the movie


明日が母 の日じゃなくたっていい
365 nichi kazoku
kono yoni iru kiseki wake atte

sukoshi zutsu datte ii kara
uke tometai
umarete kita koto shinde yuku koto
arigatou  tte iu tada hito koto
tsutae you namida komi agete mo

ashita ga haha no hi jyanakutatte ii
shunkashuutou boku tachi wa tsunagatteru
365days family
sharing miracles that exist in this world

little by little but that is fine
want to catch it
thing about birth thing about death
only one single word thank you
while conveying the tears is fallen

though tomorrow is not mother's day, but it's fine
at spring, summer, autumn, and winter we will be still connected



seikaku ya kao ya kotoba ya jidai ga
chigatte mo onaji koto ga aru

sore wa hito wa dare mo
hito kara umarete kita koto
minna nakinagara

personality or face or language time to time are different
but same thing are exist

people whoever he is
while being born from another people
was crying like that

tatoeba (kizutsukeattemo)
kokoro de kitto heiwa wo negawanai hito wa daremo inai
for example
(though being hated)
for example (though being hurt)
surely there is no one in his heart that isn't wishing for harmony

せめて  ねえ  愚痴くらい
365 nichi kazoku
kono yo wa tatta hitotsu no kazoku
chikyuu ki yubi de mawashi
sonna koto wo kangaete mita yo
hitorikiri de
dakedo genjitsu wa muzukashikute
kyou mo dareka ga namida koboshiteru
tsurakute shou ga nai toki wa kaa san
semete nee kuchi kurai kikasete yo
365 days family
in this world merely one family
(I) revolving globe with (my) finger
while trying to think about it
however reality is hard
today too somebody's tears has fallen
at bitter and evitable moment
mother, at least please let (me) hear your complains
365 nichi kazoku
kono yo de tatta hitotsu ni kazoku
sukoshi zutsudatte ii kara tsumi agetai
boku ga ima koko de dekiru koto zenbu
isshoni kurashi temo
aishiteru tte isshou ienakutemo
itsushika hoshi ni naru toki mo zutto
muzubarete mainichi ga
kazoku no hi
365 days family
in this world with merely one family
because it's good to continue like this a little while (I) want to pile it up
now here with all thing I can do
together continue to live
though separated
though can't say 'I love you' for all time
before no one knows the time it become a star, always
everyday that has been bonded is
day of family



love this song very much
wrong grammar and translation is possible
:D let me know if i make mistake ♥


mushroom attack

new hair style of Green and Blue

check ( here @ [info]dozchan's  LJ ) first for laugh for your soul

and ( here [info]murasaki_five's  LJ) for subaru's Shiitake phobia 
..this time it is not subaru who took your strawberry, yasu..

request from elyndys for similar project with  (first yasuba fanart)


fanart : but I'm too shy to ask..

On a fine day at a clothes store..

a Yasuba fanart made for elyndys on participating in fundraising program held by arashi_on 
^^ thank you
May Japan get recover soon and be alright..
がんばって 日本!
がんばって みんなさん!


mama tadaima

^^ idk, that title flow himself to my head..
on golden sunray shower on dusk.. he went home..
"mama.. tadaima.."

then suddently i think about nobita and his line, " doraemon.. tadaima..."
ah..nobita had grown up now now and became a rock star now.. XD


fanart : Eito Ranger (2)

Once upon a time,
in a bright nice afternoon

Green: ..not going with us?
Blue: Yellow-chan, Yellow-chan, here for you..
Yellow: naah, my mom tell me to finish my homework first then i could fight any crime..

...and Yellow will late to join his troop to fight the bad ass this noon..

I made another version of this picture..
i like manga style eyes.. but i like dot eye chibi too ^^
couldn't decide, so.. i upload both..

gomen ne i'm greedy.. :B
please click image to see larger image..

fanart : Eito Ranger

Eito laid back holiday

Once upon a time,  in an early spring time morning..

green ranger would still sleep until lunch time..
yellow ranger who didn't know where the ranger phone was, continue to watch tv..


[lyric] 願い
by: 関ジャニ∞
Music: Shu Okamoto, Arranged: Takahashi Kouichiro

この空 の向こう眺めてるとどこかせつなくて
遠い想い出 巡り巡って心 を 彷徨

kono sora no mukou nagameteru to dokoka setsunakute       
tooi omoide meguri megutte kokoro o samayou   

gazing somewhere beyond the sky sadly   
distant memories' rounding around, this heart is wandering 

なんどもさよなら くり返して 募る悲しみも
いつかどこかで 優しさに包まれるように

nandomo sayonara kuri kaeshite tsunori kanashimi mo   
itsuka dokoka de yasashisa ni tsutsumareru youni    
sono toki o matteru   

how many goodbye is repeated, the sadness is growing stronger
someday and somewhere the tenderness will wrap it up
waiting that time

失くせない ものかばいかばうながら 傷付いても
歩き出した この道の先に
 光り溢れる明日はきっと 待ってるから

ushinakusenai mono kabai nagara kizutsuite mo       
arukidashita kono michi no saki ni           
hikari afureru ashita wa kitto matteru kara  
unable to loose, still protecting though it hurts
walked the road ahead
because the overflowing light tomorrow certainly is waiting 

思い出すたび こみ上げてくる涙が胸をしめつける

sotto mune no oku shimaikonda sugi satta hibi wo   
omoidasu tabi komi agete kuru namida ga mune wo shimetsukeru  
secretly this inner heart is yelling away, every days is gone too soon
whenever remember the feeling           
this tears of heart is flowing

大事なもの いつのまにか見失っても

daiji na mono itsuno manika mi ushinatte mo       
omoi ega ku kono yume no saki wo shinjiteitai           
itsuka hana saku toki made 
without knowing something precious is lose from my sight
imagining this dream before, want to believe   
until one day  the flower will bloom

失くせない ものかばいかばうながら 傷付いても
歩き出した この道の先に
希望 に満ちた明日はきっと 待ってるよ

ushinakusenai mono kabai nagara kizutsuite mo       
arukidashita kono michi no saki ni           
kibou ni michita ashita wa kitto matteru yo   

unable to loose, still protecting,  though it hurts
step out from the way before
full of hope tomorrow certainly is waiting


daiji na mono mamori nagara doro darake demo           
jibun rashiku sunao na kimochi de aisuru kimi ni   
kono omoi o tsutaetai   
precious thing, want to protect it, though covered by mud
honestly my heart is deep in love with you
this mind want to keep going like that

この空の向う 遥かな願いを込めて

kono sora no mukou haruka na negai wo komete       
far away beyond of this sky my wish still continues

this is a very beautiful song.. i love it very much..♥
correct me if i'm wrong, i am not fluent in English nor Japanese..♪